Little brown bugs on the windowsill. How to get rid of it?
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Little brown bugs on the windowsill. How to get rid of it?

These small brown bugs successfully live and thrive in many of our apartments. What kind of bugs are these and what harm do they cause to humans? We'll tell you. brown bugs, bugs on the windowsill, what kind of bugs are on the windowsill, leather beetles, brown on the windowsill

Where are these bugs found?

Sometimes at home you can see small brown bugs the size of a match head or smaller. Often, some are no longer even alive (they lie with their paws up) or are completely lethargic. There may be many of them, or there may be single specimens. Most often we find them on windowsills.
But suspicious insects can also be found in chandelier shades, between window frames, in cereal storage areas, and also in cabinets. And it’s not at all clear where they all came from?

What are they called? What do they eat?

So, these small brown bugs are called skin beetles. But don’t be afraid, they definitely won’t eat you - they don’t attack people, don’t bite and don’t drink their blood.
Beetles got their specific name for their love of leather things. But this is not a complete list of what they love and happily devour in our homes.
Carpet beetles are almost omnivorous. They are partial to furs, skins, feathers, down, and various meat products; they will not refuse dried fish, various cereals, nuts and bran, dried mushrooms, and crackers. They can also eat books, wallpaper paste, wax and paraffin. There are many troubles from such insects.
And they even say they can handle concrete under certain circumstances!

Habitats of brown beetles and their signs

Small brown beetles measuring from 2 to 4 mm prefer to live in dry, dark and dusty places, for example under baseboards, in wood with deep cracks under the floor. They can even live on flowers. Clusters of beetles can also be found in closets with woolen and fur items stored there.
These domestic insects have small legs and antennae and can even fly, although they rarely use their wings. The color can be brown, black, less often spotted.
They do not move as quickly as cockroaches, but they can still run quite fast for their size.
When you press on them with a fingernail, a characteristic crunch is heard.

How do beetles appear in an apartment?

In the house, carpet beetles appear in the spring and closer to summer from the street through open windows or through used carpets, old books, fur, and down brought into the apartment and leather items, furniture, fabrics, etc.
Sometimes neighbors can enter the apartment.
Once they enter an apartment and reproduce, beetles can be seen throughout the entire year.

How to get rid of brown bugs?

To prevent the proliferation of these pest bugs, it is necessary to regularly wet clean your apartment or house, vacuum not only carpets, but also all upholstered furniture, as well as mechanically clean (knock out) all products made of leather, wool and down, and after washing, dry thoroughly and it is better to do this in the sun. 
Clothes must be cleaned and stored in sealed bags or vacuum bags before seasonal storage.
Bulk products such as cereals, crackers, nuts, etc. must be kept in tightly closed containers.
To reduce the population of carpet beetles and their larvae, you can use insecticides against “crawling” insects strictly according to the instructions.
Storage places - suitcases, mezzanines, cabinets and drawers - must be treated with ground boric acid 2 times a year.
Unfortunately, all measures to destroy these “guests” at home do not give a 100% guaranteed result, but they can greatly reduce the population of skin beetles.
Some do not pay any attention to such uninvited guests. Well, they’ll see one beetle on the windowsill and that’s fine. Let him crawl. And it’s more fun for the cat to play with him.
And after a while, unexpectedly, they discover pests in cereals and other things.

Reader's opinion (no edits)

Several years ago we installed a plastic window in the kitchen in the summer. And closer to autumn, these pests appeared on the kitchen windowsill.
I had never seen such insects before. At first the cat chased them, and then began to ignore them, although he loves to chase after a mosquito that accidentally flew in.
It turned out that these bugs stink of plastic! I once crushed a couple out of anger; the smell remained on my fingers, some kind of technical one. Like Vaseline. That's why the cat doesn't eat them!
Perhaps these bugs even feed on plastic and polyurethane foam. After all, they appeared only after replacing the window.
And in their mouth their teeth just grow like a human’s. They chew everything they come across. Therefore, we have all bulk products in special closed containers made of glass, fur and leather items from the 90s have long been in the trash.
And last summer, under the bathroom, a jar with a preparation crashed. I didn’t notice it right away until I noticed the midges there. And then I saw these reptiles crawling there. I washed everything with bleach, but they still crawl and fly throughout the year! Mostly around the faucet. Such freaks.
For centuries people have been fighting cockroaches, now here are some strange skin beetles!
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