What is Putin's height?
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What is Putin's height?

Putin's growth? This question interests many of us. And also all the intelligence of the world. After all, the growth of any president is often a secret behind seven seals.
And indeed, how many centimeters in the height of the most important and all-powerful person in Russia? what is putin's height, putin's height, how much is putin's height, putin's real height

V.Putin's meetings with high presidents

All of us have long drawn attention to the fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich is not very tall.
And even, most likely, sometimes experiences some awkwardness and even complexes when he has to stand next to a much taller person. And this is very noticeable even to a simple man in the street, if you look closely.
Recall, for example, V. Putin's meeting with the President of Serbia and just a giant A. Vucic - the height of this tall serb is 1m 99cm (however, we all experience exactly the same awkward feelings, unless we are Gullivers ourselves).
The same can be said about the meeting of the President of Russia with the аmerican D. Trump, whose height is 1m 90 cm.
It is clear that a person's growth, whatever it may be, is not his disadvantage and it does not depend on his desires.

Short people in the history of mankind

History knows many people who, despite their short stature, have achieved worldwide fame and universal fame.
For example, the French commander Bonaparte Napoleon, the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, Sergei Yesenin, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, etc.
And how much history knows of low actors who have become famous for their talents all over the world. Among them are Charles Chaplin, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and others.
There are such celebrities among Soviet actors: Lev Durov, Natalia Varley, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Roland Bykov (and how many short people among ordinary people?).
By the way, Roland Bykov was particularly worried about his height (1m 58cm). This is clearly noticeable even in the films in which he starred. However, small stature did not prevent Bykov from becoming famous and one of the most beloved actors in the USSR. what is putin's height, putin's height, how much is putin's height, putin's real height

Putin's Rise

If we turn to more or less official sources, we will see there that Vladimir Putin is credited with a height of 170 cm.
In the Western media, especially those who do not differ in love with Russia, sometimes you will see a completely different figure - 160 cm. Or about that.
In fact, the truth is most likely, as always, somewhere in the middle.
Analyzing the widely available photos that are posted on the Internet, we can see that V. Putin and his former colleague Dmitry Medvedev have about the same height.
Putin is also about the same height as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The height of Medvedev and Merkel is known - it is equal to 165 cm and 167 cm, respectively.
And, therefore, the height of our president, in our opinion, is somewhere within these figures - about 166 cm with a slight approximation.

Why does Putin look taller?

Despite our conclusion, which is very close to the real value, in some photos Vladimir Putin looks taller than his actual height. what is putin's height, putin's height, how much is putin's height, putin's real heightFor example, in a joint photo with Conor McGregor (the height of the Irish fighter is 173 cm), Putin looks as if his height is somewhere around 170 - 171 cm.
This is due to the fact that BB, apparently, often wears shoes with rather high heels. At the same time, experienced shoemakers have long noticed that the heels on Putin's shoes are made in such a way that their real height, which gives a good increase in height, is not very striking.
They most likely have elements that are invisible to prying eyes (for example, embedded thick insoles in shoes), which make the president of the country a little higher.
On the Internet, you can find a lot of speculation about the exact height of Vladimir Putin. Eyes run away when even the most obscure blogger or author of a dubious article offers his options for Putin's growth, based on some personal considerations.
With a high degree of probability, it can be stated that today no one will tell you absolutely correctly about the real growth of the Russian president. It's impossible. Ordinary mortals do not and cannot have such information.
It is clear that someone writes about his height for the sake of HYPE (indicating a height of 150 cm and up to 175cm), and someone based on analysis. That's what we tried to do in this article.

Мнение читателя (без правок)

I have never seen a real Putin. But I have an idea of his actual growth. Now I'll tell you from where.
I have been working in the trade and procurement sector with a tobacco bias for 25 years. Once I was invited to a restaurant located in Rostov-on-Don and there I had the honor to meet a Russian entrepreneur, Mr. I.I. Savvidi.
I was a little surprised by his short stature. But then, some time later, I watched some kind of program on one of the central TV channels, where this same Savvidi met live with Vladimir Putin. That's where I compared them... Putin is less than 170, that's for sure. The growth of the V.V. is small. But Putin is a dashing fellow.
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  1. kolt5101

    There was a case when the Frenchman Sarkozy was imperceptibly placed on a low bench in the podium so that he would look decent immediately after Obama's speech and some of the photographers were informed.. It was fun..))))

  2. Konstantin

    Even at the dawn of his presidential career, this information was quite available on the web. His height is 162 cm . On this occasion, he has a complex since childhood. Rumor has it that he even has special shoes sewn to order, where a very thick platform is inserted inside the shoe, shoes, sneakers, but so that it looks from the outside that the shoes are on an ordinary sole.

    Well, as a person, he is normal.

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